YY Taobao part is that true? Strangers teach you the veracity

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YY Taobao part is that true? Strangers teach you the veracity

Post  nianwushang on Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:35 pm

A work easy, high reward: a liar will first play one day at home on the Internet can easily earn an attractive price tag of several hundred to lure those who think of pie in the sky will always be someone could not help paying and relaxing temptation deceived. But you think about it, really that easy to earn so much money, he will find that others do? You will not earn? Hundreds of hours a day that you can easily be a part-time to earn? Do not be silly! ! If you want to make a hundred dollars a day to stabilize went sense to find a job or go to work. Not to say that the Internet can not earn hundreds of part-time, as long as you ability to earn hundreds a day is possible, but you want to be so easy to spend a few hours on the Internet, then went on to earn a liar! ;

2, deposit, deposit: Some scammers will ask you to do before you pay deposit or deposit, usually hundreds, even hundreds, that is a lie, could you paid he disappeared, may continue to call you a step by step pay various fees it said have a job for you. Formal behalf of the brush platform is not going to deposit ah deposit and the like, but to pay a membership fee, membership fee is generally around 55 yuan, want you to pay hundreds or even more of you should be careful, certainly a lie! Formal behalf of the brush platform is not going to get you to pay any subsequent expenses, dues are permanent!

3, liquidity, card single: scammers will ask you to have your own liquidity available for the purchase of merchandise. They will call you with their money first payment, and then purchase money and your commission commodity call you. But after you paid their money and so it? There are several possibilities: First, they directly disappear, you pull the black. Second, you do want to have an excuse to delay the return of a few single together. Third, the excuse card single, excuse did not receive receivable want you to re-shoot. Either you are definitely cheated, he can not pay you the money, the so-called back together to make another few single lie to you just to much money! You also silly to continue giving the liar?

4, confirm receipt, virtual: You may have to alert online part, when you show your doubts, liar would say you do not pay their money receipt ah, so even if he is lying to you. You can also return or refund paragraph, this sentence so many people believed it to relax vigilance. But really the case? Do not! They call you shoot list to buy goods are virtual, such as calls, game cards, Q coins, these are automatic shipments, shipments have dropped out of the no! Taobao you looking? You police? Fucking matter! .
And our regular behalf of the brush is to take a red envelope payment platform, that is, we will send you a matching red envelopes and commodity prices, and then pay you receive a red envelope with a red envelope, and you do not need to use a penny!

Friends remember, the sky will not fall, do you think you're lucky met, but in the end you'll find out of the pie will be killed you! Now online crooks too, tricks are endless, but I summarized above points behalf of the brush main trick, I hope you alert! When scammers use other tricks can tell the difference! After reading the above, these little cheated we are hoping to help you!

After reading the above if you have friends on the online part, on behalf of the brush Taobao are interested, we have a regular platform for this faith to choose from.
(Wanted Taobao behalf of the brush member can be part-time, Taobao business can come to brush reputation)
Part-time channel 14284551 YY
YY 14284551 looking into whether part-time friends or want to brush credibility Taobao stores say this is a stranger recommend you to (
Part-time friend wanted to directly change the nickname for the stranger recommend
Businessmen friends wanted to brush directly change the nickname to a stranger Businesses

[Total of six part-time money items] 1. 2. Recommended single shot to earn a commission member. 3. 4. explain the seller. 5. Training. 6. chair.

The first is to Taobao sellers to buy or sell a finished process, we took a single evaluation, the seller shipped untrue. Sellers get credibility, we earn a commission,

The second is the recommended member you can recommend someone to come apply for membership, the application is successful, you have a commission

The third is the recommended sellers to lenders. You have a good understanding of Taobao seller, you can tell him that we here can brush reputation. After the success is also a corresponding commission.

The fourth is the reception to explain. Come in white vest, need someone to explain to him the situation of our union, to understand our operations.

The fifth training. After the new members come in, there are training teachers to new training specific processes "

The sixth is hosted. Each list will have a reception hosted customers, and urge members to complete the task! After the completion of each list hosted a corresponding commission.
If you have the ability to be able to also promoted to management, it is more and more money, of course!

Please enter the channel must say is stranger recommendation, or directly change the nickname to a stranger so there will be someone reception recommended
1, the platform provides specialized services for Taobao merchants. As long as you access to the Internet, you can make money in your spare time.
2, place of work unlimited, at home, units, dormitories, can, make their own arrangements.
3, working hours according to their own time schedule tasks!
4, the commission day-end, will not be in arrears. Every single task in the 1-8 yuan commission, do little more! (Internet that do a single dozen or even dozens of affirmation is a liar,)
5, owned tools: Taobao account, Alipay (! Verified need for a commission), YY voice (to accept the task)网上天猫淘宝兼职是真的吗?
6, the platform does not require you to invest, the task is platform to advance funds.
7, will Taobao preferred, use YY voice a priority.
8 take a red envelope to pay. You do not advance penny !! risk-free!
9 required to pay 98 yuan admission fee


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