Parents scrambled to Cheap Bag Hermes Handbags

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Parents scrambled to Cheap Bag Hermes Handbags

Post  nianwushang on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:48 am

To keep Cheap Bag his son's life, SONG Lian first, Sun Shue decided as soon as possible to his son a kidney transplant. Can a kidney about 20 million, plus transplant costs, 400000-500000 yuan - for them, this is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. Dead end when the Sun Shue Cheap Bag suddenly thought: can not put his kidney to his son? The idea immediately SONG Lian Sun Shue was the first opposition, "You poor health, if there is any mishap, how to do? Or kidney to my son, we it." "Our house to you such a labor, no, must be Give us children Cheap Bag of my kidney. "Sun Shue and her husband argue over. "Then go to the hospital, who is more suitable for the kidney to his son, so the hospital decided to do it." Looking gray-haired, frail wife, SONG Lian first choice answer Polo Handbags. Hear their parents fighting over who gets to donate a kidney to his Song of the broken heart to stay green. "You have already given me a life, I have not repay you, I can not accept ah." Couple tears, the son of Polo Handbags ideological work, the strong man of seven feet, holding their parents with tears.

September 30, the couple with his son came to the hospital for blood tests Yuhuangding Yantai and matching tests. Blood test result, SONG Lian several indicators are in line Polo Handbags with the first transplant conditions. "Finally you can save the son." At that moment, the first tears SONG Lian said excitedly Hermes Handbags. Economic distress and hope of survival are intertwined, the Song into the abyss of suffering. Sun Shue could not sleep for days, come up with a surprising decision.

October 8 at noon, "Lao Song, you object to us, and have to sell her a kidney, you soon persuade her it." Telephone, Yantai Yuhuangding doctors told SONG Lian first. Sun Hermes Handbags Shue's move "angered" the son, "I who have not had kidney!" Watching her pale face, body, and needle hanging face the tears, the tears rolled down Sun Shue. Relatives and friends to the maximum of help, that song has Hermes Handbags not got enough of surgery to stay young, urban streets of the North River Village Office sent a 12,000 yuan relief funds. In Rushan, a love donation is also at the same time, the couple saved the child's behavior Versace Handbags for the elephants at the local, to arouse the community have their love. In recent days, Rushan City, the relevant departments at all levels have a helping hand, the North Village Versace Handbags, the villagers also self-organized their contributions, as of now, SONG Lian first one has been receiving community donations 109,000 yuan Versace Handbags.


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