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Post  384396441 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:44 pm

The afternoon of June 2, Naoto Kan, the Cabinet voted no-confidence vote in the House of Representatives rejected the results. Congress held an hour before the Democratic Party held a party representative who will, Naoto Kan at the meeting that he would in the end of the East Japan earthquake reconstruction response after the resignation. Pictured rejected by grateful members Naoto Kan. Sun photo by Ran

BEIJING, June 27 (Xinhua) According to the "Agency" report, Japan's ruling Democratic Party, former Foreign Minister Maehara 26 in a speech at the Kobe Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan for the nuclear energy policy that is now the Democratic Party tend to cater to the mass of the people a little bit pure direction.

Japanese political rumors Naoto Kan will step down at the end of August, the next prime minister calls for candidates for high yesterday, before the original amendment Naoto Kan regarding nuclear energy policy, said: "The Democratic Party is now a little bias to cater to the public, I also agree that Japan change after 20 years into non-nuclear states, but suddenly the pendulum swing to the anti-nuclear, everyone's life over the how, which is Shi Zhengzhe the consideration. "

Naoto Kan allow for the dominant power in central Hamaoka nuclear power plant shut down issue, Maehara said, we must take to stop the operation and ordered a halt to review the way is correct.

As Naoto Kan regime regarding the proposed consumption tax hike, Maehara said Japan should get rid of deflation, the move towards a stable economic growth, not tax increases.

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"Japanese Economic News" The latest poll, Naoto Kan, said in early June, "3.11" the first Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima earthquake and the handling of nuclear accidents will step down, come to an end, 42% of people think that Naoto Kan "should step down as soon as possible", more than in May that he should step down as soon as possible the proportion doubled.

Regular maintenance is the result of a nuclear power plant is shut down operation of the restart, up to 69% of people believe that the workaround is not sufficient, should not restart the operation. Poll, Naoto Kan cabinet's support rate was 26%, down 2 percentage points than the previous poll. Although slightly more than earthquake disaster, but it is the first drop in four months. Cabinet do not support the rate of 65%, up 3 percentage points than the previous poll.

The "Naoto Kan is to step down before the end of August," this statement, 18% of people agree. If you add that "should step down as soon as possible," the people, a total of 60 percent popular support Naoto Kan in the current Congress should step down during the meeting. Only 16% of people think he should be in office a little longer


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Post  Hazel50 on Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:10 am

Hey if you really are a tv freak like me I think you should visit this link. I found it on internet while I was searching for top tv dramas. I wasn’t knowing about so many popular and top rated shows until I saw them in this list.


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